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Getting Involved 

Why get involved with SCTECH?

Last year SCTECH hosted a fantastic hackathon for tech enthusiasts and the young entrepreneurs of Santa Cruz alike, but it would not have been anywhere near as wonderful  without our sponsors. This year, we hope to out-do ourselves, but that will only be possible with the help of you guys. 

Want to mentor?

At SCTECH we are proud of our high mentor to student ratio. If you would like to get involved and do not wish to donate anything other than your time, offering to become a mentor is a fantastic way to help us out. You would get to work with college students from multiple universities in California, and work on a project which aims to benefit the Santa Cruz Community. Reach out here to become a mentor.

 How to get involved?

Cash Donation:
Check out our sponsorship flyer here. It has info on the many different ways you can contribute money to SCTECH.

Create Your Own Prize:
Unique and exciting prizes are something we were very proud of last year, and if there is a specific gadget you think would inspire a winner, you can donate us the prize along with the criterion to win the prize, and we will make it a part of the competition. 

Food Donation:
Everyone needs to eat, and donating a few (dozen) pizzas or drinks would be a huge help.

Silent Donation:
Passing our event to your friends through the grapevine is another example of a fantastic way to donate to SCTECH. Every extra connection is another person we can inspire.